We are a faith-based group of professional and business people that believe we should preserve the statements of our nation's founders who believed it imperative to guard our virtue and freedoms.  God commands us to love Him supremely and others sacrificially while living out our faith with care for one another.  We believe as a business community that we have a responsibility to be and make disciples in the community where we live and do business.  Being citizens in the Kingdom of God in today's culture bears witness to the Good News in word and deed.


A Call 2 Action brings together working professionals who are available to meet at lunchtime.  The purpose of the group is to network with other working professionals in the community in order to strengthen and help each other prosper in all facets of our lives.


A Call 2 Action is founded around the 7 mountains or spheres of culture. We believe it is time to not only invite God back into these 7 mountains but also to place His authority over them so that we will return to the values on which our nation was founded and has reached amazing heights. All it takes is the willingness of each of us to step up and make it happen.


We see these 7 mountains as:


1. The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment

2. The Mountain of Religion

3. The Mountain of Business

4. The Mountain of Education

5. The Mountain of Government

6. The Mountain of Media

7. The Mountain of Family


We hope you will decide that God will no longer take a back seat in your business or any part of your life but instead, will be the driver.  If you are ready to take action, join us this week.


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